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State Council Order No. 163 Announced: 19940823 implementation date: 19,941,001 units issued by: State Department

Chapter I General Provisions First hazard in order to eliminate iodine deficiency, to protect the health of citizens, the enactment of this Ordinance.

Second against iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency is due to environmental, civic caused by inadequate intake of iodine endemic goiter, endemic cretinism and mental development of children's potential damage.

Third countries to eliminate iodine deficiency hazards, a long-term supply of iodized Salt (Hereinafter referred to as iodized salt)-based comprehensive prevention and control measures.

Article administrative department of health hazard prevention and control of iodine deficiency and iodized salt for the health supervision and management; the State Council authorized the salt industry authorities (hereinafter referred to as the State Council, Salt authority) is responsible for salt processing, market supervision and management of supply work.

Article governments at all levels of salt iodization to eliminate iodine deficiency should be part of the region against the work of the national economic and social development plan, and implement.

People's governments above the county level shall, according to the division of responsibilities, in close co-iodized salt to eliminate iodine deficiency against the common good job.

State shall encourage and support salt iodization to eliminate iodine deficiency hazards, the promotion of scientific research and advanced technology.

Damage in salt iodization to eliminate iodine deficiency have done excellent work units and individuals will be awarded.

Chapter iodized salt processing, transportation and storage

Article salt in salt processing enterprises should be the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities authority designated salt, and get the same level people's government health administrative departments of Health permission, director of the State Council for approval salt.

Article VIII for the processing of iodized salt in the salt and potassium iodate to meet national health standards.

Amount of added salt with potassium iodate by the health administration department of the State Council.

Article iodized salt must be approved by quality inspection before delivery, not of the required content standards for iodized salt may not factory.

Article iodized salt factory must be Package . The packaging of iodized salt should be clearly marked, along with processing business name, address, iodized volume, batch number, date of manufacture and storage methods of explanation.

Article iodized salt supplies for the state's key transportation. Railway, the transport sector must be in accordance with provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to submit annual Salt authorities, monthly transportation plans, timely delivery.

Iodized salt transport and handling tools, must meet hygiene requirements, not with toxic and hazardous substances with the set, mix. Article XII of iodized salt

wholesale business enterprises and operations in the transport of iodized salt in areas convenient retail business units and individuals shall be in accordance with the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities the competent institution of the salt industry to maintain a reasonable iodine salt stocks.

Iodized salt and non-iodized salt in the storage space should be sub-libraries or sub-stack storage, so that sun, dry, safe and sanitary.

Article XIII of the acquisition cost of iodine and iodized salt companies for various expenses incurred in accordance with relevant state regulations.
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Iodized Salt To Eliminate Iodine Deficiency Risk Management Ordinance (no. 163) - Iodized Salt, Salt

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