Should You Stop Having Salt?

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The salt acts like a poison to our body and can even cause several deadly diseases. Just put some salt on an open wound to realize how it acts on your body. If you want to maintain good health and lose weight too, shift to low-salt diet. Else, you face the risk of developing numerous deadly diseases including cancer, Alzheimer's, asthma, PMS, stroke, and cardiovascular problems.  

Salt forces your body to lose water, which can even cause dehydration. When excess salt enters your bloodstream, it is stored between cells until your kidneys manage it. Until then, the salt starts causing a burning effect on the tissues. The tissue cells release water to dilute the salt in order to prevent the cell damage. The cells lose their elasticity and start shrinking as they face shortage of potassium. When your body has low potassium, it causes more salt to enter the cells walls that elevates sodium levels. The body is forced to allow water to enter the cell walls in order to dilute them, causing the cells to become distended or swollen. If the situation persists, the fluid balance in your body gets disrupted and your muscles, valves, and coronary arteries are likely to get damaged. 

Eating salt-rich diet can be compared with addiction, quite similar to drinking coffee or smoking. You may experience withdrawal symptoms when you start removing salt from your diet. Other than causing several problems including irritation and cell damage, the salt overpowers your taste buds too. As a result, you are not able to enjoy other flavors than salt. Just eliminate salt from your diet to enjoy flavor of fresh food. 

We need salt to run certain function in our body, but not in excess. Even if you completely cut down salt from your diet, you can get it from many natural resources such as fruits and vegetables. So, eat lots vegetables and fruits to get enough natural salt. Other than ensuring the well being, the low salt intake helps you lose weight too.

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Should You Stop Having Salt?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28