Swimming Pool Salt Systems For Pure Pool Water

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Salt systems actually are chlorine systems.

But yo do not have to haul home messy, smelly, and possibly toxic chlorine to dump in your water! Instead, you use common table salt. The salt system uses an electric charge to turn the salt into low levels of chlorine that constantly flow into your swimming pool.

You can realize some of the advantages of a salt system right away.

  • You do not have to worry about storing dangerous chemicals like solid or liquid chlorine. This is a big plus for everybody, but especially for families with younger kids. But even without young children, any of us who have experienced prying open the lid of a bucket of chlorine, and trying not to breath because of the fumes, can appreciate this advantage!
  • And I have ruined more than one shirt because of the back splash when adding liquid chlorine to the pool. Say good-bye to bleach spotted clothes and faded swimming suits.
  • Because the salt level is about equal to human eyes, and because smaller amounts of chlorine are evenly dispensed, people report relief from many phyysical problems associated with traditional chlorine. Red eyes, skin irritation, and damaged hair from highly treated pool water can just be bad memories.

Some of the advantages of this modern type of water treatment will also be realized later.

Because table salt is inexpensive, you will save money in the long run. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on water treatment chemicals every season, you can buy a big bag of salt! Of course you will have to make the initial investment in a salt water treatment system for your pool. But you will save big on time and money, and probably have many more good water days. If you have ever spent days trying to get rid of a nasty algae bloom which meant more expensive chemicals and trips to the pool store, you will learn to appreciate your new way to get pure sparkling water.

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Swimming Pool Salt Systems For Pure Pool Water

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This article was published on 2010/03/26